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Smoother, stronger skin, and hard healthy nails

A few years ago we did a study on a group of chickens, which consisted of a chicken feed, basic supplementation regiment (control group) with an additional altered carbohydrate added (experimental group). I also had some women and myself partake in this experiment.

Oxidative Stress … Simply defined

Oxidative stress is basically the imbalance between the body’s systemic manifestation of a reactive oxygen species and the same body’s biological system’s ability to readily detoxify or neutralize the reactive intermediates to minimize biological damage or to inability to effectively repair the subsequent damage caused by these free radicals.


Some technical articles about light scattering and research

Mutatox Testing / Genotoxicity

Chroma Class 102: The potential for genotoxicity has been historically assessed on the basis of the Ames test. The Ames test relies on a bacterial probe embodied as a definitive and consistent strain of Salmonella typhimurium.

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